Pritchard & Jerden Co-Hosts 6th Annual Risk Control Workshop

On February 18, 2020, insurance brokerage Pritchard & Jerden held their sixth annual Risk Control Workshop with law firm Drew Eckl Farnham. Event sponsors included law firm Hedrick Gardener, claims services provider Gallagher Basset, insurance carrier Great American Insurance Group, insurance brokerage Integrity First Insurance, insurance brokerage Summit, return-to-work service provider ReEmployAbility, and end distracted driving organization




The workshop was held at the Hyatt at Villa Christina from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. While the two overarching topics for the workshop revolved around automobile safety and workers’ compensation, the goal of the workshop was to inform attendees about emerging risks and provide them with tactics to manage them. These two topics were chosen on the account of Georgia having the worst loss-ratio for automobile accidents and workers’ compensation tending to be a big line-item expense.


Over 140 attendees from a wide range of industries gathered to gain insight from industry experts. Stephen Graham, Joe Chancey and Jasmine Saenz began the workshop with a presentation on employment law considerations in workers’ compensation claims and how to navigate the two areas. Next, Chad McGee from Pritchard & Jerden covered what lessons one can learn from their losses and explained how to interpret your data to prevent future losses. Dave Mathews, also from Pritchard & Jerden, discussed the current status of the insurance market, including which lines are seeing rate increases and which are remaining stagnant.


Joel Feldman, the founder of, later illustrated how we can change the way we think about distracted driving. Jon Nordin from Pritchard & Jerden closed off the workshop with a presentation on available technology that can aid in curbing auto losses, and the potential exposure if we do not complete proper checks on employees driving company vehicles.


About Pritchard & Jerden:

Pritchard & Jerden is an independently owned insurance and risk management firm, providing Property & Casualty, Life and Employee Benefits, and Personal Insurance services. Established in 1960, Pritchard has 105 employees. For more information about the firm, its practices, and its professional staff, please visit

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