Pritchard & Jerden Teams Up with The ReadySet Company for an Inclusive Communication Webinar

ATLANTA, Feb. 26, 2021 – In honor of Black History month, Pritchard & Jerden’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee joined forces on February 25th with The ReadySet Company to provide a webinar on how to effectively increase inclusive communication in the workplace.


Inclusive Communication Webinar


The ReadySet Company is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in using data-driven strategies and years of professional experience to create an inclusive work environment. ReadSet’s initiatives are tailored and comprehensive to all parts of an organization so that each individual client’s needs are recognized in the context of that company.


The Inclusive Communication Webinar was created not only to provide attendees with strategies they can use in their own company to aid in inclusive communication but also discuss the impact interpersonal bias can have on an organization’s members, specifically those from marginalized backgrounds. The objective of the workshop was to empower teams to craft new communication norms and provide attendees with the tools to effectively communicate and resolve conflict.


“We are continuing to build a culture where diversity and inclusion are the building blocks to better decisions, better discussions, and essentially, better outcomes for our agency and the clients we serve,” states the head of Pritchard & Jerden’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Amber Young.


Maria Marquis, an Interaction Designer and Facilitator at ReadySet, lead the webinar. Marquis has prior experience in acting, education and the arts, which eventually lead her to pursue a career that forested inclusive, fun and impactful learning experiences with a focus on empowerment. Her instructional design career first began whilst building Box’s customer education program to the place where it eventually became a global program. Marquis proceeded to serve as an in-house instructional designer and facilitator for various other companies before finally developing her own consulting practice.


About Pritchard & Jerden:

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