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Officially we’re an insurance broker.
But we’re really something more.

We’re about possibilities…not just policies. That distinction makes us unique in our space. We’ve devoted our practice to pulling risk management and insurance out of the darkness and into the light of positive change and an unexpectedly pleasant experience.

"Pritchard & Jerden are our trusted advisors for cost effective risk management."

— Chief Financial Officer, Ackerman Security Systems

"They delivered on their promise with efficiency, integrity and professionalism."

— CEO, Aurify

"Pritchard & Jerden has been a fantastic partner."

— Operational Strategy Director, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

"P&J is a proactive benefits partner, navigating solutions for complex business environments."

— CFO, The Work Institute

"We’ve worked with Pritchard & Jerden for over 50 years. "

— SVP Asset Management, Pope & Land

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